Working with Customer Credit Card Processing

This overview guide walks you through configuring your aACE system for customer payments with credit cards:

Setting Up Your Integration with Global Payments Integrated

Global Payments Integrated (previously OpenEdge) securely stores all sensitive information, keeping your system fully PCI-compliant. 

Creating an Alias for a Customer Payment

After you set up a credit card integration, you can add customer credit cards. Once you enter the credit card details, GPI returns an alias for the card. A zero-dollar authorization is created, but the card is not charged, (i.e. no record shows on the customer's statement). The alias is stored in aACE until you are ready to charge the customer.

Processing a Customer Payment

When you apply a payment to an order, GPI handles payments with credit cards and debit cards, as well as ACH checks. Their process obtains an alias for the credit card information, then also initiates the payment process and charges the customer's card.