Mapping Import Fields by Hand

This guide explains how you can manually match data on a source spreadsheet to fields in aACE. It is intended for advanced users.

You can manually map field names between the source file and the destination database during the data import process. This is required for tab-delimited data. The mapping task includes both matching source fields and target fields and also specifying fields that should not be imported. Be sure to review the entire list of records to import before going forward with the import process.

Manually Map Source Fields to Target Fields

During the import process, the Specify Import Order dialog appears. Some of the Target Fields may be mis-aligned. Click that item's line and type the correct Source Field in the Search field. Then click that field in the results list.

This may cause the previous Target Field to be marked to not import. You must update that mapping also.

Omit Fields from the Import

At the Specify Import Order dialog, click the Mapping designation for a field that should not be imported. In the pop up, click the gray icon.