Using the aACE CRM App

The aACE CRM App enables you to take contact information on-the-go, including companies, contacts, and leads. It features an offline mode that lets you access and create data even when you have low or no connectivity.

On Open

If you have open leads, the Leads module list view displays; otherwise, the Companies module list view displays.

List View

Close AppCloses the app and returns you to the FileMaker App Launcher.
,,Module NavigationDisplays icons for moving between Companies, Contacts, and Leads. On an iPhone, this navigation is at the top of the screen; on an iPad, it is at the bottom.
New Record
Sync DataSends all pending updates and downloads any relevant updates from aACE for the current module.
Sync ErrorDisplays a list of all records in the current module that have sync errors (if any).
Live SyncToggles the app between continually sending data updates to aACE (when you have a strong WiFi connection) and locally storing your work until you can sync later (when your connection is less steady, such as traveling cross-country or on an airplane).

Detail View

List ViewReturns you to the previous listing of records.
Edit Record
Record NavigationArrows that take you 'up' to the previous record or 'down' to the next record.
Sync ErrorDisplays any error for the current record that resulted from the last sync operation. Errors must be resolved before the record can be synced to your aACE system.

Edit Mode

To ensure that data is not inadvertently modified while browsing through records, you must manually switch to edit mode before making any changes. In edit mode, you can use the Delete button: depending on a record's status and links to related records, this button will delete or deactivate the record (e.g. active leads in aACE can only be deactivated; not deleted). The record on your mobile device is immediately affected, while the record in your aACE system is updated at the next sync.

Sync Errors

With Live Sync enabled, any errors encountered during the sync are displayed immediately. If Live Sync is disabled, then errors will accumulate at the next sync and can be displayed by tapping the Sync Error icon ().

  • From the list view, tapping the Sync Error icon displays all records with sync errors in that module. 
  • From the detail view, tapping the Sync Error icon displays details about the error(s) for that specific record.