Working with Value Lists

System administrators can edit the value lists found throughout aACE. These values can be updated from the System Preferences or from the module detail view:

Edit a Value List Using System Preferences

  1. Navigate to Menu > System Admin > Preferences > Database Management > Edit Value Lists.
  2. At the Manage Value Lists dialog, locate and select the value list you want to update, then click Edit.
  3. At the Edit Value List dialog, make the desired changes to the custom values.
  4. Click OK to exit the Edit Value List dialog, then click OK again to exit the Manage Value Lists dialog.

Edit a Value List Using the Module Detail View

  1. In aACE, navigate to a record of the type that you want to update (e.g. a specific Order record).
  2. At the detail view, in the footer, click the Tracking Status field.
  3. In the status list, click Edit.
  4. In the Edit Value List dialog, change the tracking statuses as needed, then click OK.