Configuring the aACE Inventory Counter App

This app gives you the ability to easily count inventory on hand and ensure that balances in aACE are accurate. The app is designed for an iPad mini or iPhone. Optionally, you can connect a Bluetooth scanner to make counting inventory more efficient.

Before You Start

The system administrator needs to complete the following:

  1. On your FileMaker Server, enable the XML API, if it has not already been done.
  2. In aACE, set up the user records for Inventory Counter App 'users'. Depending on your workflows, this can be handled in different ways:
    • App deployed on shared devices — We recommend that you create generic team members for each device (e.g. "Inventory.Counter01", "Inventory.Counter02"). Note: Each inventory adjustment created from the app will log the name of the user that submitted it, which may affect your auditing purposes.
    • App deployed on team members' individual devices — We recommend that each user has a team member record. Note: Users cannot be logged in simultaneously on two devices; if a user has aACE open on a desktop, then submits an inventory adjustment from the Inventory Counter App, the desktop session will be shut down.
  3. Install FileMaker Go on your mobile device(s).

Configuring the App

After downloading the Inventory Counter App to a device, the first time you open it, the app displays the Settings screen for configuration. After you configure the app, tap Done to begin using the app.

Server Connection

  • aACE Server Address — The IP or DNS alias for your aACE server. If you do not know this address, please consult your system administrator.
  • aACE File Name — The name of the aACE Mobile file hosted on your server. Unless your system has been renamed, this should be “aACE Mobile”.
  • aACE Account Name and Password — The aACE login credentials for the user you selected above.
  • Configure — Tapping this will download default preferences, as well as inventory line item codes and active office bin data from aACE. This initial download may take several minutes, due to the potentially high volume of data. Subsequent syncs will process smaller, quicker data updates.


You can use the following preferences to easily customize the Inventory Counter App:

  • Use device camera to scan barcodes — If a barcode scanner is not available, you can enable this setting and use the device camera instead. In the device iOS settings, make sure FileMaker has access to the camera.
  • Require bin — Enable this setting if the bin is required for counting inventory.