Rescheduling Task Group Tasks

This guide explains how to change the scheduling for a task linked to a production job. It is intended for advanced users.

The scheduling you set for a new task group is an estimated standard, but events may arise where you need to adjust that schedule. You can edit a task schedule when:

  • The order is in Open status.
  • The job is in Open status.
  • The task is linked to a job.
  • The task is in Incomplete or Pending status.

Note: Tasks can be linked to records other than jobs (e.g. sales leads); however, the functionality described below is limited to tasks associated with production jobs.

Editing a Task Schedule

  1. Navigate from Main Menu > Order Management > Orders.
  2. Use the Quick Search bar to locate the desired order.
  3. At the detail view, click Management tab > Fulfillment tab.
  4. In the Tasks list, locate the desired task and click the GoTo chevron (8CRFhw995-8b7fjndkRAnDhE1CBud-WL0TaNw2pvUL8L3bhvbTCovKO7n6uCpLcmU_vddZHICNQtYG0GpVXsZeZ2FzqgC1pgEVslzd-gmurq4IjQtmQcdYi0XJL_745EcNq6LLze.png).
  5. At the related task record, click Edit.
  6. Enter the new Task Info dates and times.
  7. Click Save.

If the rescheduled task has other tasks scheduled around it, those tasks will be auto-updated to maintain their anchoring. For example, if Task B is set to begin two weekdays after Task A ends, and you manually change the end date for Task A from Monday to Wednesday, then Task B will be auto-updated to begin on Friday. 

Note: The scheduling defaults in aACE will ignore weekends. This means that on a Friday, a task set to begin "the next day" will actually start on Monday. You can customize your business hours in System Admin > Preferences > My aACE.