Accounting Data Entry Preferences

These preferences allow you to control important automation features. Navigate to Menu > Accounting > Preferences > Data Entry.

Some of the important sections include:

  • Date Management — These preferences control dates on posted items such as receipts and disbursements. You can also set preferences for managing multi-office cash transactions and general ledgers.
  • Check Printing — These fields display the available templates for check printing, as well as the Signature container that holds the signature file you wish to print on issued checks.
  • Inventory — This section includes a drop-down list for selecting your COGS method (i.e. FIFO or LIFO).
    • Prevent inter-office COGS transactions — Prohibits one office from being expensed for another office's use of goods (i.e. transferring inventory can't be charged to original office).
  • Misc Line Item Codes — This section allows you select the default accounts for:
    • Adjustments — The adjustment field in the Receipts module
    • Shipping — The account used to accumulate shipping charges you pay
    • Deposits — The account for Deposit Liabilities (e.g. collected down payments)
  • Oversight Notifications — You can create Notice Setups to notify users in relevant Teams about events that may need review.