Working with Test Mode to Learn About Credit Card Processing

This guide explains how to work with aACEsoft support to familiarize yourself with a payment processor's functionality. It is intended for system administrators.

Production credentials are used to make actual charges to a customer's credit card. However, you can often use a payment processor's Test mode to learn more about their functionality. Test mode typically does not charge a card, but simply returns a message about a successful transaction. Different payment processors approach this kind of testing in different ways. 

Note: All testing should be done during the Discovery process, prior to your Go-Live date.

Live transactions will typically be ignored while a test mode is active, meaning that transactions could be lost. In addition, enabling test mode with production credentials will generate an error. And finally, if you have already set up an account and entered production credentials, entering test credentials will overwrite them; you would need to re-enter the production credentials.

Do not work with test mode after you have gone live unless you are specifically working in a test system with aACEsoft support. 

Using Test Mode for Authorize.Net

All Authorize.Net (Authorize) accounts are initially set up in Test mode. You can work with Test mode during the Discovery process, but be sure to disable Authorize.Net Test mode before you go-live.

Credit card numbers for testing credit transactions are available in Authorize.Net's online Testing Guide.

Setting Up Test Mode for Global Payment Innovators (GPI)

  1. Navigate from Main Menu > System Admin > Preferences > Database Management > Payment Processing > Open Settings.
  2. Enter the following settings:
    • Test Mode: Mark this flag.
    • Card Entry: Set to Manual Entry.
  3. At the top of the screen, click Load Test Credentials.

Global Payment Innovators Test Cards

For security reasons, the card entry screen in aACE does not allow you to copy and paste card numbers.

  • Amex: 3759 8765 4321 004
  • Discover: 6011 0009 9013 9424
  • MasterCard: 5413 3300 8960 4111
  • MasterCard: 5149 6122 2222 2229
  • 'Decline' Workflows — Visa: 4217 6511 1111 1119
  • Expiration Dates — Any future date
  • CVV Codes 
    • Amex — Any four-digit number
    • MasterCard — Any three-digit number
    • Visa — Any three-digit number