Index of aACE Preferences

Part of the customization aACE provides comes through the robust options for specifying system behaviors:

System Admin

  • Preferences
  • Mobile Preferences
    • General
    • CRM App
    • Expenses App
    • Pick App
    • Job Shop App
    • Inventory Counter 
    • Device Management
    • Data from Devices
    • Data to Devices


Saving and Testing Changes to Preferences

Changes to preferences are set immediately (i.e. there is no save/cancel process as elsewhere in the software). Changes typically take effect when you close the Preferences module; however, you can force changes to take effect by clicking the Commit Updates button in the lower-left corner. 

Many preferences are stored with a user's session at login. To test updates to these preferences, you must click the Re-Login button. This reloads your current session, implementing any updates made to the system.