Setting Up Departments

On an Office record, the Departments tab is where you set up the names of your departments and ç.



Creating a New Department

  1. Navigate to Internal > Offices.
  2. In the menu bar, click Edit.
  3. Enter the department information:
    1. Department: Enter the full name of the department (e.g. "Accounts Payable").
    2. Abbr: Enter a short, descriptive abbreviation (e.g. "NY-A/P" could represent New York Office of Accounts Payable).
    3. Type: Select the appropriate department type. (See below for details.)
    4. Start Time & End Time: Specify the department's hours of operation.
      Note: These settings affect other system logic that calculates completion times for task and job assignments.
    5. Traffic Manager: Specify the person in charge of managing the traffic for this department. New records will be automatically assigned to this person (see Type list above).
    6. Default Job: Specify the default job record which will automatically become the assigned job for new records of the related Type.
      Note: For in-depth details specific to your workflows, discuss this concept with your aACE specialist.
  4. Click Save.

Department Type Details

The value list in this field has built-in logic. It determines which designated traffic manager (TM) a record will be automatically assigned. Although records are auto-assigned to the designated TM, you can manually over-ride the assignment during record entry.

The default department types are:

  • A/P (Accounts Payable) - The designated TM is auto-assigned to all purchase orders and purchases.
  • A/R (Accounts Receivable) - The designated TM is auto-assigned to all invoices.
  • FFMT (Fulfillment) - The designated TM is auto-assigned to all job records.
  • Sales - The designated TM is auto-assigned to all lead records.
  • Shipping - The designated TM is auto-assigned to all shipping records.

To add a new department type, click in the Type field and select Edit. In the Edit Value List dialog, enter the new type and click OK.