Using the aACE Expenses App

This guide explains how to record and submit expenses on the mobile app. It is intended for general users.

After your system administrator has configured the Expenses App on your device, you can use it to record expenses while away from the office (e.g. on-site with a client, at a trade show, etc), then submit the expenses for review. Note: If your system administrator has not configured your aACE server for remote access, you will still be able to gather expenses in the Expenses App; however, you will not be able to submit an expense envelope until you return to the office.

An expense envelope represents a collection of related expenses for the same event (e.g. a trade show). The expenses are the individual purchases you make during the event (e.g. airfare, meals, etc). In the past, the printed receipts for such expenses were collected in an actual envelope, which would be delivered to the supervisor for review. The terms used here are a vestige of these earlier business practices.

To effectively organize digital expense information, the Expenses App is designed with three 'levels' of data: 

  • Expense envelopes list view — The envelopes you have created on the app. Tapping an envelope title displays the expense items list.
  • Expense items list view — All items you have entered as part of a specific envelope. Tapping an expense title displays the details.
  • Expense item detail view — Specific information about a single expense item.

On Open

When you open the app, the expense envelopes list view is displayed.

Expenses App Icons

GearOpens the settings popup where you can adjust network connections, configure the default job or line item code, and sync the app.
Actions MenuDisplays a popover with additional controls for the app.
AddCreates a new envelope or expense item (based on your current screen).
App LauncherCloses the app and returns to the FileMaker App Launcher.
ListCloses the expense items list and returns to the expense envelopes list.
Back ArrowCloses the expense item details and returns to the expense items list.
Up/Down ArrowsNavigates between envelopes or between expense items in an envelope.

Camera / ReceiptThese icons toggle based on whether there is a photo currently attached to the expense item. If a photo is not yet attached, tap the Camera icon to access your device's camera. Otherwise, tap the Receipt icon to view the attached photo.
ClearRemoves data from the current data field or closes the current popup.
TrashDeletes the expense envelope, the expense item, or the attached photo.

Create a New Expense Envelope

You can create multiple envelopes for more flexibility (e.g. to separate billable items from non-billable).

  1. At the expense envelopes list, tap Add ().
  2. Tap the Envelope Title field and enter a specific title.
  3. Optionally, tap the Envelope Notes field and enter details about the Expense Envelope.

Add Items to an Expense Envelope

You can add items to an expense envelope until you submit it.

  1. At the expense items list, tap Add ().
    The app automatically opens your device camera.
  2. Take a photo of the receipt.
    The app automatically returns to the expense item details.
  3. Enter other details about the expense:
    • Item Description — Summarize what the receipt covers.
    • Camera/Receipt Icon — Tap to take a new photo or to review the photo currently attached to the expense item.
    • Date — Auto-populates with current date. Tap to select a different date.
    • Amount (required) — Enter the total figure for the expense.
    • Payment Method — Tap the correct selection to note the expense is out-of-pocket or on a company charge card.
      Note: For more information, read about Entering Credit Card Payments for Purchases.
    • Code (required) — Tap to select or change the relevant line item code.
    • Job — Tap to select or change the related job.
    • Notes — Enter any details needed to contextualize the expense item.
  4. After entering data for one expense item:
    • Record another expense item — Tap Add again.
    • Navigate through other expense items you have created — Tap the Up or Down arrows.
    • Return to the expense items list — Tap the Back Arrow.

Submit an Expense Envelope

The Expenses App is designed for data collection, not data management. After you submit an expense envelope, you must log in to aACE to work with the expense records.

  1. At the Expense Envelopes list view, tap the title of an envelope.
  2. At the expense items list, tap Submit.
  3. At the confirmation popup, tap Submit again.

The envelope is transferred into aACE, along with any expense items, notes, or attached photos. If the Expense Envelope is valid, the Tracking Status is set to Submitted and a notice is sent to your expense approver. Note: Company-specific requirements and validations may apply (e.g. including a photo of the receipt). 

To confirm submission and review if the expense has been approved or rejected, you must log into aACE.

Troubleshooting and Customizing the App

If you need to troubleshoot the data or update settings to customize the app for your personal workflows, please refer to the guide for configuring this app.