Procurement Preferences

System administrators can customize the preferences for streamlining purchase orders and purchases. Navigate to System Admin > Preferences > Procurement, then adjust the Procurement and Purchase Orders settings as needed (see below for details).

Purchasing Automation Preferences

Auto-generate purchase orders — Marking this flag enables aACE to automatically generate purchase orders for non-inventory items needed to fill orders.

Purchase Order Preferences

  • Use order item cost rate — Marking this flag will prompt users to update the cost of purchased products during order entry.
  • Append auto-generated items to pending POs — Marking this flag adds auto-generated items to pending POs, consolidating sales orders into the fewest number of POs.
  • Trigger approval for POs over _____ — Marking this flag causes aACE to generate an approval notice to management for purchase orders over the stated amount. The purchasing workflow halts until the approval is given.

Close Validations

Validations are checks and balances you can activate to ensure that the actual purchasing and receiving matches up against related purchase orders. These validation checks include:

  • Purchase amount must match PO
  • Received quantities must match PO
  • Purchase quantity must match received quantity
  • Do not purchase more than received
  • Do not receive more than ordered
  • PO Balance must be zero (before it can close)

Default Delivery Type

When creating a PO, the Delivery Type field is automatically set to the value selected in this preference. This causes shipment logs to auto-generate when Shipping Integration is active. To use integrated shipping, this preference should be set to Ship Together or Ship Separately.

In order to access the integrated shipping features in aACE, the line item code must also be enabled for shipping and the PO must carry the proper delivery type.