Manually Exporting Grouped Report Data into Excel

This guide explains how to properly export data from a report to a spreadsheet. It is intended for advanced users.

You can use a more hands-on method to export data from aACE reports to an Excel spreadsheet. This method groups the exported data, creating sub-summaries to parallel the data layout from the report.

  1. Navigate from the Main Menu to the desired module.
  2. Click Print > Open Report Selector > select report.
    Note: Some reports prompt you for additional input (e.g. As-Of dates).
  3. With the generated report displayed, in the FileMaker menu, click File > Export.
  4. At the export options dialog, name the file, note where it will be saved, set the file type to Excel Workbooks (.xlsx), then click Save.
  5. If the dialog appears for setting Excel Options, you can enter the requested info or simply click Continue... to proceed.
  6. At the dialog to Specify Field Order for Export, select which fields should be included in the exported data.
    Note: Because these are all fields that appeared on the report, we recommend that you select Move All.
  7. In the Group By field, select the desired option.
  8. Click Export.

Results from Exporting

When you open the Excel spreadsheet, it includes summary information for various groupings:

In contrast, an export of the same data directly from the module (in this example, the line item codes) shows only record-specific, non-summarized information: