Configuring aACE for Mobile Apps

To prepare your system for using any aACE mobile app, you must complete the following setup tasks:

1. Configure FileMaker Server

The Web Publishing Engine must be enabled via the FileMaker Admin Console. Also, the Web Server must be turned on, with XML enabled. For details about these configurations, please see FileMaker's documentation for server setup. Take note of the Web Server IP Address, which must be entered into the mobile app settings and which may be different from the Web Publishing Engine IP Address.

2. Install the aACE Mobile File

aACE periodically releases new mobile apps. To use a new mobile app, you may need to obtain and install an updated aACE Mobile File.

3. Create an aACE User for Mobile Apps

Each mobile app has different user requirements: all mobile apps can use an aACE team member's login credentials, but some may be better configured with a device-specific user. For details, please consult the setup documentation for each app.

Note: aACE Software licensing is per 'named' user. This means a user cannot log on simultaneously to multiple workstations, including mobile apps — if a user logs into aACE on their workstation, then also logs into an aACE mobile app, the workstation will be disconnected. 

4. Obtain Your Device and Install FileMaker Go

Most aACE mobile apps are compatible on the iPhone, iPad Mini, and regular iPad. (Non-iOS mobile devices are not supported.) For details, please consult the setup documentation for each specific app. Each device that will run an aACE app must have FileMaker Go installed. This free app is available in the Apple App Store. 

aACE mobile apps can also be used on Mac and PC desktop computers with FileMaker Pro installed.