Installing FileMaker Pro on Your aACE Server

Please follow our help guide for Installing the FileMaker Client.

  • If you are using aACE Software's FileMaker Pro 19 license, set the User Name to "For Use by aACE Software Only".

Configuring FileMaker Pro

  1. After the installation, open the app and display the Preferences dialog:
    • Mac — FileMaker Pro > Preferences 
    • PC — Edit > Preferences
  2. Mark the flag to Use advanced tools and click OK.
    Note: This enables developer-specific tools such as the Script Debugger and the Data Viewer.
  3. Click File > Hosts > Show Hosts….
  4. At the Hosts dialog, next to the Search Hosts field in the upper-left, click the Plus button.
  5. At the Add Favorite Host dialog, in the Host’s Internet Address field, enter
    Note: This displays the available FileMaker databases hosted on your server, enabling quicker access. However, the first time you connect to the “” host, you will receive a dialog indicating that the connection is not encrypted. Please mark the flag to 'Always permit connection to this host'.
  6. Click Connect.