FileMaker 19


Overview of Configuring Your aACE Server
Index of links to the tasks needed for setting up FMS19.
Preparing the Server
Guidelines for server specifications, settings, installers, licenses, and credentials for FMS19.
Installing & Configuring FileMaker Server
Steps for uninstalling previous versions of FileMaker Server, then installing and configuring FMS19.
Installing FileMaker Pro on Your aACE Server
Steps for configuring FMP19 on your server.
Installing & Configuring aACE
Steps for installing aACE on FMS19 and configuring the aACE script schedules.
Configuring Backups & Anti-Virus Software
Steps and guidelines for organizing backups and constraining anti-virus software on FMS19.
Configuring an SSL Certificate
Steps for preparing and importing SSL certicates for FMS19.
Configuring the Server's Desktop
Guidelines for arranging your FMS19 desktop for the most efficient and effective support.
Preparing & Configuring an aACE Launcher
Information about networks and ports needed for an aACE launcher on FMS19.
Restarting the aACE Server
Guidelines and steps for safely shutting down and restarting FMS19.
Enabling Remote Access to Your aACE System
Guidelines and steps for configuring your domain name, firewall, and network configuration for FMS19.
Restarting the FileMaker Script Engine
Steps for identifying and resolving issues when the FileMaker Script Engine (FMSE) freezes and aACE automation schedules stop running.