Understanding Commission Eligibilities

Recipient Eligibility

When an order is opened, aACE evaluates three fields on the order to determine where commissions may need to be calculated: Sales Rep, Acct Manager, and Referral Company. If required information is missing from these fields, edit the order and update the sales fields. Then reset the commission factors.

Payment Eligibility

The amount of a commission that is eligible for payment depends on the amount of invoicing that has been fully paid. (Note: Invoices that are still in Open status are not factored into the commissions.)

Example Scenario

aACME Education Solutions received an order from Highbridge Academy for 30 student tablets. The sales rep assigned to the order is Mara Harvey.

The student tablets have a fixed-amount commission of 20.00 per tablet, as seen in the line item code record.

After the tablets have been shipped, the A/R Department sends Highbridge Academy an invoice for 10,080.00 (plus shipping). However, the school sends a first check for only 7,500.00. That receipt is applied to the order, but the commission cannot be generated until the invoice is closed.

After Highbridge Academy sends a final payment and the aACME A/R Department posts the receipt, Ned Walker in Accounts Payable decides to check on how much will be paid in commissions on the order. He uses the Orders module's Quick Search bar to filter the list view, showing this single order. Then he clicks the Print icon and selects Print Commissions Detail Report:

The report shows that Mara has earned 600 in commissions on this sale, that the order has been 100% invoiced, and that the invoice has been closed. So Ned generates a commission statement for Mara.