Configuring the aACE CRM App

Before You Start

The system administrator needs to complete the following:

  • In aACE, set up the user records for CRM App users.
    Note: User access to companies, contacts, and leads in the CRM App will match the access set up for their aACE user record. For example, if a team member's access to leads in aACE is restricted to records assigned to her, then her view of records in the app will be restricted similarly.
  • Install FileMaker Go on one or more iPhones or iPads.
  • On your FileMaker Server, enable both Web Publishing and the XML API, if it has not already been done.
  • Configure your aACE server for remote access in order to access aACE data outside of your network.

Configuring the App

After downloading the CRM App to a device, the first time you open it, the app displays the Settings screen for configuration.

Server Connection

  • aACE Server Address — The External IP or DNS alias for your aACE server. If you do not know this address, please consult your system administrator.
  • aACE File Name — The name of the aACE Mobile file hosted on your server. Unless your system has been renamed, this should be “aACE Mobile”.
  • aACE Account Name and Password — Your aACE login credentials
  • Configure — Tapping this will download data from aACE, including default preferences, company, contact, and lead data. Due to the high volume of data, this is best done while connected to WiFi. Subsequent syncs will only process data updates.


You can use the following preferences to easily customize the CRM App to your company or personal workflows. To update these preferences at any time, tap the gear icon from any module’s list view.

  • Auto-BCC aACE — If your aACE system is configured to receive incoming emails, this preference will automatically BCC the system on any email originating from the CRM App.
  • Use Google Maps — Changes the default mapping software from Apple Maps to Google Maps.
  • Enable Live Sync — Sets the app to continually send data updates to aACE. This feature works best when you have a strong connection. When the connection is less steady (e.g. traveling cross country or on an airplane), you can disable this feature. With Live Sync toggled off, the CRM App locally stores all the work you do, ready for a sync later. You can toggle this preference anywhere throughout the app.
  • Sync All Data — Sends all pending data updates to your aACE system and downloads updates from all modules in your aACE system. Note: Module-specific sync buttons are also located throughout the app.

After configuring the app, tap Done to begin using the aACE CRM app.