Adjustment Codes Preferences

System administrators manage the list of adjustment codes: navigate to Menu > Accounting > Preferences > Adjustment Codes. Team members use these adjustment codes to specify the reason for a discount-taken situation in the Disbursements module or for a discount-given situation in the Receipts module

Default Adjustment Code

You can specify an existing code as the default option by clicking the Default Adj Code field, then selecting an option from the list. 

When team members enter an Adjustment amount for a receipt or disbursement, the Default Adj Code will be entered automatically as the adjustment code. If needed, the team member can click that adjustment code field and select one of the other existing codes.

New Adjustment Codes

You can add new codes by clicking the highlighted field in the first blank line of the list. Enter the description, code, and appropriate GL accounts. Adding a new adjustment code will make the option available to users in the Receipts and Disbursements modules.