aACE Key Commands

To navigate more quickly in aACE, you can use these key commands. 

Note: For PC workstations, replace Cmd with Ctrl and replace Opt with Alt.

File Commands

New WindowCmd-Opt-N
Open RemoteCmd-Shift-O
Open Recent(Select recent file from submenu)
Close / Log OutCmd-W
New RecordCmd-N
Edit RecordCmd-E
Delete RecordCmd-Del
Print (current view)Cmd-P
Save RecordCmd-S
Revert to SavedCmd-R
Compose Email / Email PDFCmd-I
Open Call DialogCmd-U
aACE Main MenuCmd-Shift-M

Go Commands

Prev RecordCmd-Up 
Next RecordCmd-Down 
Go to RecordCmd-G
First RecordCmd-Opt-Up
Last RecordCmd-Opt-Down
Parent RecordCmd-Shift-Up
Previous ViewCmd-Shift-Left
Next ViewCmd-Shift-Right
Advanced SearchCmd-F
View LogCmd-L

Search Commands

Search Within ListCmd-Opt-F
Search Including ListCmd-Shift-F
Find All RecordsCmd-J
Omit RecordCmd-T
Omit Multiple Records…Cmd-Opt-T

Advanced Search Commands

Add New RequestCmd-N
Duplicate RequestCmd-D
Delete RequestCmd-Del
Go to Request(Select request from submenu)
Saved Finds(Select find from submenu)
Cancel FindEsc