Overview of System Administration

The System Administration modules manage the system preferences, user access and system notices.


The Preferences module stores all the preference settings for the system, including branding, time and date settings, financial and accounting preferences, and setup configurations for email, credit cards and menu controls.

Mobile Preferences

The Mobile Preferences module stores preference settings for the functionality and behavior of aACE mobile apps.


Notice records are messages that are automatically sent to users (or groups of users) when a predefined system event occurs. Notices can also be sent manually from one user to another. Each notice contains a direct link to the records referenced in the message for easy system navigation.

Notice Setups

Notice Setups are templates for auto-delivered notices issued to notice groups. System administrators can modify the text that is sent and set the notice defaults including the medium for the message (email, aACE notice, SMS) and whether or not to allow for single user completion. Note: merge fields are coded into the program, so please do not change these without consulting an aACE programmer.

Postal Formats

The Postal Formats module allows for manual definitions of mailing and addressing and for telephone number input and display. When users select the country address fields throughout the system, the formats are automatically applied. This value is automatically entered depending on the postal code entered, but can be overridden.

Postal Codes

The Postal Codes module stores a database of postal codes and associated information, such as the sales rep, account manager, and territory assigned to a given postal code.

User Groups

User Group records define a user group's system and data access privileges. System administrators can control module access, menu options and the level of data a group of users have access to. This is also the place to reset user passwords and activate user logins.

System Logs

System Logs are a record of everything done in aACE. They record when each action in the system was taken and by whom.