Selecting a Check Template

This guide gives recommendations for selecting a check template that will work easily with your aACE system. It is intended for system administrators.

When you order checks to use with aACE, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Be sure the template has only one check per page.
  • The template should have a three-part format (i.e. top, middle, or bottom).
  • The template should have fewer lines on the page. This minimizes the need for adjustments to the print layout.

At, you can browse QuickBooks-compatible laser voucher checks. Most of these will work smoothly with aACE, such as this example:

Configuring Check Printouts

When you start printing checks with a new template or if you need to troubleshoot printouts, test the following preferences in the Accounting module:

  • Checks Layout — Select the format for how your current check template is divided.
  • Check Direction — Select whether your printer feeds paper directly in and prints on the upward face of the page or whether it draws downward facing pages from the tray, rolls the page over, then prints.
  • Signature — Select a correctly sized image to use for check signature lines. You can also mark the related flag to use various signature images linked to individual team member records instead of a single image.

Checks and other preprinted papers may require adjustments to the print layout or to your preferences for check printing.