Choosing a Shipping Solution

This guide identifies some basic strengths and weaknesses of several shipping solutions. It is intended for system administrators.

If you do not yet have a shipping solution or if you are considering switching your shipping solution, the following information is worth consideration. For additional details, read our guide about aACE shipping integration.

This review is not a comprehensive list of shipping solutions. The following solutions are presented because aACE already has an integration with them. Likewise, the pros and cons presented for each solution are not exhaustive. They focus on select aspects of each solution, given a shipping process with aACE in the middle. In developing an integration, we do not explore every detail of a shipping solution's functionality; we concentrate on the data exchange to and from aACE.

From that perspective, we encourage you to review each shipping solution. Reach out to the providers and watch a demo of their software so you can do a full evaluation. The responsibility for identifying the best solution for your organization rests with your organization. After you select a shipping solution, you can work with your aACE partner to set up and configure your system.


ReadyShipper is a basic, inexpensive, multi-carrier shipping solution, ideally suited for small, flat-fee parcels. Shipping data is stored in the cloud (ReadyCloud), but shipments are processed using a lightweight application (ReadyShipper), allowing for multiple shipping terminals under one account.

For more information about ReadyShipper, watch our webinar.


ShipStation is a leading web-based shipping solution designed to make retailers exceptionally efficient. It combines creation of shipping labels and other tasks into one easy-to-use interface. It integrates directly with over 100 of the industry’s top carriers, marketplaces, and selling channels.

The ShipStation integration with aACE includes rating, enabling you to forecast the estimated shipping cost of an order at the time of order entry.


NRG is a FileMaker-based, multi-carrier shipping solution. Because it’s built in FileMaker, NRG Software can customize the solution to suit any particular workflows that are not accommodated out-of-the-box. (Note: aACE Software does not customize the NRG solution.) 

The NRG integration with aACE includes rating, enabling you to forecast the estimated shipping cost of an order at the time of order entry. 

In additional to parcel shipping, the NRG integration also handles less-than-load (LTL) shipping.