Accessing aACE Without a Launcher Using FileMaker 16

Sometimes you may need to access aACE using FileMaker's Open Remote dialog: 

  • If you don't have access to a launcher.
  • If your server does not yet have a security certificate installed and your launcher won't work.

Use these steps to login using a remote host:

  1. In FileMaker Pro, select File > Open Remote… .
  2. On the Launch Center's tab for Hosts, click your aACE server. If it doesn't appear on this screen, click the Gear icon.
  3. In the dropdown list, select Network File Path….
  4. At the popup, enter the host URL for the Network File Path.
    Note: The host IP address or domain will be provided by your system admin.  Also note that the filename for an aACE 4 solution is "aACE" while aACE 5 solution is "aACEv5v0".
  5. Click OK.

This opens the login dialog for the remote site. Enter your credentials to connect.