Managing the Main Menu

System administrators can customize the structure of the aACE main menu. This menu is organized using menu links grouped in folders and sub-folders. These can be adapted to best suit your organization's needs.

Updating the Menu

  1. Navigate to Menu > System Admin > Preferences > Menu Options.
  2. To create a new folder, click the appropriate Plus (+) icon:
    • For new main menu folders, click the icon next to the aACE Menu folder. 
    • For new sub-folders, click the icon next to the desired parent folder (e.g. Internal).
  3. Locate the menu option you want to update, then configure it as needed:
    • Sort — Update the number to set the menu option's position in the menu.
    • Menu Option — Update the label that users will see.
    • Action Parameter:
      • Folders — Leave this field blank. 
      • Navigation links — Enter the parameter for the aACE module navigation. A complete list of module names and abbreviations is available at Menu > System Admin > Developer > Modules.
        Note: You can also link to external sites by entering the full URL (e.g.  For example, you could create a direct link to a wiki-help site with tutorials and documents for processes specific to your company.
  4. Click Commit Updates.