Testing Task Groups

After you create a task group, you can verify that the anchoring and scheduling setup will work the way you intended.

  1. Navigate to Order Setup > Task Groups and select the desired task group.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Click the Test Task Schedule tab.
  4. At the Test Job Info fields, enter dates and times, then click Test.
  5. Review the generated schedule to verify your settings work as intended and adjust the schedule as needed.
    Note: You can hover your mouse over the generated schedule to view details on how the days and times were calculated.
  6. Click Save.
    Any changes to the test schedule are transferred back and saved on the main schedule.

Testing Your Task Group Functionality

After you link a task group to an assembly line item, whenever an order including that line item is activated, aACE generates a job to create the task group tasks. To verify that your new task group is functioning as intended:

  1. Create a new order and enter an order item using the assembly line item.
  2. Save and open the order.
  3. Navigate to Management tab > Fulfillment tab.
  4. Open the job associated with the task group.
    aACE auto-generates tasks associated with the order based on the task group.
  5. Mark the first task as complete.
    The next task is changed to Incomplete status - the task group is functioning as intended.