Moving a Customer Payment from One Invoice to Another

Before you use this process to adjust invoices, make sure you have the invoice IDs of the two existing records you will be working with.

  1. Navigate from Menu > Accts Receivable > Receipts, then click New > Customer Payment.
  2. Specify the customer in the Company field.
    Note: aACE auto-populates the Invoices list with the customer's open invoices. Remove invoices other than the one to be corrected by clicking the Delete icon () for those lines. If the invoice to be corrected is already closed, you must find it manually by entering the Invoice ID or using the Selector ().
  3. In the Payment Info section, set the Amount to zero and specify the Payment Method as "Credit/Adj".
    Note: Any GL account can be used in the Bank Account field.
  4. In the Invoices section, make sure the invoice ID that needs to be corrected is displayed in the Invoice field, then enter the Amount as a negative value.
  5. Enter the invoice ID of the correct Invoice and the Amount as a positive value.
  6. Click Save and Post.