Overview of Processing Customer Returns

This guide explains the fundamental processes and preferences for handling returned product. It is intended for intermediate users.

When a customer contacts your customer service representative (CSR) about a return, the CSR should:

  1. Locate the original order in aACE. 
  2. Create a Return Shipment record.
  3. Print a Return Material Authorization form (RMA) from the Shipping Log and send it out. 
  4. Update the original order to reflect the quantities that the customer is keeping.

Once the returned product reaches your warehouse, your team members will use the RMA to locate the Return Shipment record and mark it as received. This will generate a Shipment Received notice for relevant personnel. 

In addition, it will automatically generate an adjustment invoice and send the Open Invoice notice to relevant billing personnel. Your A/R staff should review the adjustment invoice and process it appropriately. This may include simply opening the invoice, adding a restocking fee, processing a refund, or other tasks based on your company policies.

Additional functionality for returns depends on your system's configuration.

aACE Preference for Handling Returns 

Your system administrator can configure aACE settings for returns (Menu > System Admin > Preferences > Shipping > 'Returns reduce order item quantity'). This setting will make a pivotal difference in how returns are processed:

  • Flag Cleared — This is the default aACE configuration. The system will assume that returned product will be replaced. (Read more details about handling customer returns with replacement items.)
  • Flag Marked — Companies that generally do not send replacement shipments for returned product can mark this preference. The system will assume that returned product will be subtracted from the original order quantities. (Read more details about handling customer returns by reducing order items.)

If you have any uncertainty about your system settings for returns, please verify with your system administrator.

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