Adding Comments, Activities, Support, or Next Steps

aACE helps you keep a thorough history of your records and customer interactions by creating various types of comments. This history is consolidated and accessible to anyone who needs to know.  You can display any associated records by clicking the comment.

Types of Comments

  • Comment — A basic note about details or context to ensure other team members understand a situation.
  • Activity — Refers to interactions with a customer. You can create them in most modules and the info will also be displayed in the Company's (and if applicable, the Contact's) tab for Sales & Marketing.
    Entering an activity enables all team members — whether they're in sales, billing, or shipping — to see the entire history of interactions with a customer in one place. Benefits include helping sales reps or relationship managers to follow-up knowing who has recently communicated with the customer and why. 
  • Support — Information recorded on the record and also sent as a notification to the aACE Support Team.
  • Next Steps — Typically associated with purchase orders (e.g. Confirm Receipt of PO). These comments include a date field which aACE uses to send a reminder to the person who added the Next Step.

Ways to Add Comments

You can add comments in three ways:

  • On the record interface
  • On the Record Log
  • On the Log Viewer

Entering Comments on the Record Interface

Comments are especially important for Companies, Contacts, Leads, Projects, Jobs, and Tasks. In these modules, the Comments field is right on the interface. (Note: You may have to display a secondary tab to view the Comments field. For example, with Companies and Contacts, this field is on the Sales & Marketing tab.)

To add new information at a Comments field, click the Plus icon ().

Entering Comments on the Record Log

  1. Navigate to the appropriate module and use the Quick Search bar to locate the desired record.
  2. In the details view footer bar, click the Information () icon.
  3. Enter your comment in the Log Entry field
  4. Click Comment (or other type, as needed).

Entering Comments from the Log Viewer

  1. Navigate to the appropriate module and use the Quick Search bar to locate the desired record.
  2. At the detail view menu bar, click Actions > View Logs.
  3. Enter your comment in the Log Entry field.
  4. Click Support, Activity, or Comment, as needed. 
  5. Click Done.