Using the aACE Time & Tasks App

This guide explains how to record and submit time using the Time & Tasks app on a mobile device. It is intended for general users.

The aACE Time & Tasks app makes it easy for you to review your assigned tasks and track time against each task. It is designed for use on your iPhone or iPad.

After your system administrator has configured the Time & Tasks App, you can open it on your device.

On Open

When you open the app, if you have tasks assigned to you, the app displays your task list. Otherwise, it displays the Timesheet screen. 

Time Icons

AddCreates a new time entry.
RefreshRefreshes the timesheet data in the app.
CalendarDisplays a date picker for quickly navigating to different dates.
Forward / BackNavigates between previous timesheets, up to two weeks prior.
PlayStarts the time clock for a task.
Note: If time tracking was running on another task, that time is automatically stopped. 
PauseStops the time clock for that task.

Task Icons

ListCloses the task detail view and returns to the list view.
SyncRe-syncs the tasks data in the app.
SearchInitiates a keyword search for the term entered in the search bar.
PhoneOpens your phone and dials the contact.
EnvelopeOpens your email client with a new message to the contact.
Add CommentDisplays a popover for entering a new activity (for the parent Company record) or a new comment (for the parent Job record).

General Icons

GearOpens the settings popup where you can adjust network connections and sync the app.
Actions MenuDisplays a popover with additional settings for the app.
ClearRemoves data from the current field or closes the current popover.
DeleteDeletes the record.
SortDisplays options for sorting the current list of records.
PinAdds a new note linked to the current record.
ExpandEnlarges the field as a popover.
App LauncherCloses the app and returns to the FileMaker App Launcher.
Module NavigationIcons for moving between  your timesheets and your task list.

Time & Tasks Workflows

Working with Tasks

When you tap the Tasks icon, your current list of assigned tasks is displayed. Locate the task you need to work on, either by scrolling down the list or by searching for the task title. In the list, tap the task title to review the details, including information about start and end times, guidelines from the Task Description, or comments from the parent Job.

You can start or pause time tracking from either the list view or detail view. You can also mark tasks as complete.

Working with Timesheets

When you tap the Timesheets icon, your current timesheet and time entries are displayed. You can start or pause time tracking, delete time entries, record notes about the day's work, navigate through older timesheets (up to two weeks prior), and submit your timesheet.

You can add new time entries: tap the Plus icon in the upper-right corner, then specify the job, LIC, and task (optional).

You can manually adjust the time logged for an existing entry: tap the time counter, enter the hours/minutes, and tap plus or minus. (Note: Time tracking for that entry must be stopped in order to manually edit time.)

After you submit a timesheet, it becomes read-only in the app. Any additional edits must be handled in your aACE system.

Troubleshooting and Customizing the App

If you need to troubleshoot the data or update settings to customize the app for your personal workflows, please refer to the guide for configuring this app.