Replacing an LIC with Another of a Different Record Type

To update the record type for a line item code (LIC), you must create a new LIC. Complex logic is associated with each LIC record type. Once the record type is set, it cannot be edited or changed. 

Before creating the new record, you must deactivate the previous LIC:

  1. Navigate to Order Setup > Line Item Codes.
  2. Select the line item code you want to replace, then click Edit.
  3. Change the original line item code, adding the prefix "X-" to the code (ex: TXT-Shkspr01 would become X-TXT-Shkspr01).
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Actions > Deactivate Line Item Code.
    Note: Orders in progress can still use the deactivated line item code; however, new orders and accounting transactions not related to an existing order will not be able to use the deactivated line item code.
  6. At the confirmation message, click Deactivate.