Returning Shipments to Vendors

This guide explains how to process a return for goods purchased from your vendor. It is intended for general users.

When returning items, be sure to follow your internal procedures and your vendor's return policy.

  1. Locate the PO that initiated the purchase of the items you need to return.
    Note: You can do this by searching the Purchase Orders module for the PO number or by searching the Purchase Order Items module for specific LICs.
  2. At the PO record detail view, click Management tab > Shipments view.
  3. Click New () > Outgoing Return Shipment.
  4. At the shipment record, click Edit
    • Enter the Quantity for each item you are returning.
    • Enter a Delivery Date.
      For example, this screenshot shows a return shipment for 25 student tablets:
  5. Click Save

At the confirmation dialog(s), complete the shipment. Once you mark the outgoing shipment as Shipped, aACE updates the inventory counts. You may need to also process a refund from the vendor.