Printing Information from aACE

aACE provides many standard reports, and you can also print information from detail view screens. If your organization needs a custom reporting option, you can easily request support from within aACE. 

General Printing Instructions

  1. Navigate to the desired module.
  2. Locate the desired records.
  3. In the menu bar, click Print and select the desired report.
  4. In the Print Preview window, select to browse, save, or print the report.

Note: Some reports are configured to retrieve a certain set of records so there is no need to locate specific records before printing  (e.g. A/R Receivable Aging - All Records). Other reports may require additional details before you print (e.g. specifying an "as-of" date).

Printing the Detail View

You can print the information about specific records, such as orders, invoices, POs, and tasks. At the detail view menu bar, click Print > Print This View

The report appears in preview mode, where you can specify the format:

  • Save as Excel - transfers the field names and data, but does not carry over the layout and formatting
  • Save as PDF - transfers data, layout, and formatting as shown on the preview
  • Print - displays a printing dialog box where you can specify the destination; transfers data, layout, and formatting as shown on the preview

Reports from the Print Menu 

Most modules provide a list of reports from the menu bar Print option. 

This list can be customized with different reports or even with new, customized reports, as requested by your organization.

Note: Some reports require you to provide additional information (e.g. entering a date range for an aging invoices report). 

The Report Selector

In the Print Menu drop-down list, this option opens a new screen for access to even more standard reports. The reports shown in the following screenshot are for the GL Account module; other modules will offer different report options. 

  1. In the menu bar, click Print > Open Report Selector.
  2. Scroll to locate the desired report
  3. Click the report title. 
  4. In the report preview, specify whether to send the report to the printer, save as a PDF, or export to Excel.