Overview of Configuring Your aACE Server (FMS 18)

Setting up an aACE server includes the following steps. (Click each sub-heading to view details about that task.)

1. Preparing the Server

Outlines specifications, configuration details, and required software files that need to be on hand for the server installation.

Note: We recommend completing this step one week prior to proceeding with Step 2. At the least, confirm that you have all the necessary materials specified in Step 1 well before beginning the actual process. This will give you ample time to retrieve anything you may be missing without stopping the installation in mid-process.

2. Installing & Configuring FileMaker Server

Walks through steps for the installation of FileMaker Server, for configuring the FileMaker Server settings using the Admin Console, and for preventing automatic Java updates on the server.

3. Installing FileMaker Pro Advanced

Walks through steps for the installation of FileMaker Client.

4. Installing aACE

Walks through uploading the files for your aACE system and configuring the necessary automation schedules.

5. Configuring Backups & Anti-Virus Software

Describes the needed file paths for both local and external backup locations, presents details for setting up the backup schedule, and explains warnings about 3rd-party tools that are critical. 

6. Configuring an SSL Certificate

Walks through creating a certificate signing request needed to associate your SSL certificate with your server's fully-qualified domain name, then how to import the certificate files from your preferred certificate authority into FileMaker Server.

7. Configuring the Server’s Desktop

Explains how to organize your desktop and related tools to get the most benefit from aACE support.

8. Preparing the aACE Launcher

Reviews the network requirements necessary for remote access to your aACE system, then walks through configuring an aACE launcher file for your users.

After completing these steps, we recommend that you conduct a final review of each step of the server setup and confirm that all aspects of your aACE server are configured precisely as specified in these help guides. Mistakes in the server setup can interfere with your organization’s productivity. This review can help ensure that your team will be able to start leveraging your investment in aACE with ease.