Using the Receiving App

This guide explains how to receive incoming shipments using the Receiving app. It is intended for general users.

After your system administrator has configured the Receiving App, open purchase orders will be loaded into the app. You can use the app to receive full and partial shipments of inventory. When you submit the received inventory, aACE automatically generates a shipment record and marks it as Received. 

Note: If your system administrator has customized the app, some details in this guide may no longer match your system.

On Open

When you open the app, the Items to Receive screen displays. The screen is initially empty by default.

Receiving a Shipment

When a delivery from a vendor arrives at your facilities, you can quickly locate the items to receive and record them:

  1. Locate the items to receive using one of these three methods:
    • Tap the Select Vendor field — The app lists all companies that have open POs. Tap the desired vendor name to display all items on order from that vendor, sub-summarized by PO.
    • Tap the Select PO field — The app lists all open POs. Tap the desired PO to display the related LICs.
    • Select a vendor, then select a PO — After specifying a vendor, when you tap the Select PO field, the app lists only the open POs linked to that vendor. Tap the desired PO to display the related LICs.
      Note: If a single vendor has multiple POs, you can move between those POs before you submit the receiving record.
  2. For each item included in the shipment:
    1. Verify the number of units delivered.
    2. Record the number of units in the app using one of these methods:
      • Tap the double-chevron button to transfer the current Quantity Remaining to Receive (Qty Rem) to the Quantity to Receive (Qty) field.
      • Tap the Qty field to display the Quantity calculator and enter the number of units.
        Note: You can update the Qty by entering a new number in the calculator, then tapping the Plus or Minus button to add/subtract that many units from the current total.
      • Tap the Scan button, then scan a unit. The app increments the count by one.
    3. If needed, tap the Serial Tracking icon () or Lot Tracking icon () to enter serial or lot numbers.
      Note: You can enter numbers with any combination of these methods: comma-delimited, return-delimited, a range (for lot numbers), or scanning barcodes. The app parses these numbers and increments the count accordingly.
  3. Tap Review.
    The app displays a consolidated list of all items that now have a Quantity greater than zero.
  4. If needed, make any final updates to the items you're receiving.
  5. Tap Mark as Received.

aACE generates an incoming shipment record with all the data you included and marks it as Received. If any LICs on the PO still have outstanding receiving, the PO remains open and present in the app. Otherwise, the PO is removed from the app.

Optional Shipment Details

You can also update these additional details before submitting the shipment:

  • Change the Bin — Tap the current bin assignment and select a different bin. You can also set all LICs at one time by tapping the link in the headings row to Select Bin for All Items.
    Note: Specifying an actual bin may be required, depending on preferences configured in your aACE system. The default bin assignment is drawn from the LIC record, where the Offices tab shows the default bins for each vendor. "Select Bin" is displayed in the app if an office's vendor listing does not specify a default bin. 
  • Add Notes — Tap the Pin icon () to record notes about a specific item or about the overall shipment that is created.
  • Capture Packing List — Tap the Packing List icon () then use your device to take a picture of the packing list. The image file will be uploaded to your aACE system as a document linked to the shipment record.

Troubleshooting and Customizing the App

If you need to troubleshoot the data or update settings to customize the app for your personal workflows, please refer to the guide for configuring this app.