Configuring Backorder Management

When shipments are short due to low inventory, aACE can help you manage backorders. After you set up this feature, the system watches for inventory replenishments, then automatically creates outgoing shipments to fill the waiting backorders.

To set up backorder management, you must:

  1. Enable the preference.
  2. Configure the automation schedules.

Enabling the Backorder Management Preference

Because effective backorder management hinges on accurate inventory records, this feature is typically not enabled when aACE is first deployed. When your organization is ready, you can easily activate this feature:

  1. Navigate to Menu > System Admin > Preferences > Order Entry.
  2. Mark the flag to Enable back order management.
  3. Click Commit Updates.

Configuring the Automation Schedules

  1. Navigate to Menu > System Admin > Preferences > Automation Schedules > Schedule Setup tab
  2. Mark the flags for these two options:
    • Primary Backorder Process (Incoming Shipments)
    • Secondary Backorder Process (Available Inventory)
  3. Click Commit Updates.