The Internal modules store information about internal resources, including team members (employees and contractors), offices and departments, system messages and notices, external documents, and timesheets. 

Team Members

The Team Members module stores general information about employees and external resources like freelancers and contractors. These records are for tracking anyone who is part of the team. You can also enter role-based entities like System Administrator or Project Manager. Read more details in the Team Members & System Users articles.


The Offices module stores your corporate locations, which may be different physical locations or different business entities, depending on how your organization is set up and how you want that reflected in aACE. Each office record contains information about its physical location, address, departments, team members, inventory storage locations, and report branding. This configuration gives you the power to manage and report on each office as if it were a separate business, while still having a big-picture view of the company as a whole.


The Notices module is a key feature of aACE. Notices are messages sent to system users to help them with their workflows. They can be system generated based on certain triggers (for example, inventory replenishment or purchase order overages), and they can be sent from one user to another or to yourself. Notices can be future dated and used as reminders. Users can receive them by email, SMS, or within the system. 


The Documents module is used to store the external files that you upload and link to records. You can mark the document record as public when you want to grant access to other users, or you can keep them private.

You can attach the document to any record in the system and aACE will track those relationships. Additionally, aACE will automatically check incoming emails for attached documents. When documents are found, they are automatically uploaded, stored and linked to the email record. Learn more about the Documents feature in the Universal Functions topics.


The Timesheets module is used by employees to submit their time. Each employee has access to only his or her own records. Each entry is logged to a job, a task and an appropriate time category.

Time Clock

The Time Clock is a time tracking tool that gives users the ability to quickly allocate their time to specific jobs and tasks. This can be especially useful to those users who move between projects frequently. Each entry is logged to a specific job, task and activity category, and this information will be pushed to the user's timesheet once submitted. 

D/L aACE Launcher

This menu option allows users to download an aACE Launcher to the location they specify.