Troubleshooting Global Payments Integrated Errors

This guide explains how to handle errors that may occur in Global Payments Integrated. It is intended for system administrators.

Third-Party Software

Global Payments Integrated (GPI), previously OpenEdge, is software developed and distributed by another company. Specific questions about configuring the product or troubleshooting should be addressed to that company's customer support services.

Transaction Already Captured

If you receive an error that the transaction has already been captured, this indicates that it is incomplete, i.e. it has been processed in GPI but not in aACE. Follow the instructions outlined in Resolving Incomplete Credit Card Transactions.

Timing for Credit Card Receipt Posting

By default, batches are automatically settled each day at 2:00 am EST. This means that all credit card receipts posted between 2:00 am one day and 2:00 am the next day should be considered a single deposit. For more details or customization, please contact your GPI support representative.