Tracking Inventory Transactions for Lot-Tracked and Serialized Items

For lot-tracked and serialized products, the Inventory Transactions module is a helpful tool for easily reviewing the history of an item (e.g. handling a recall or tracing product returns). For an example of how this feature can help your team, read our feature highlight.

The Inventory Transactions module displays each individual transaction that has affected the count and value of your inventoried line items. The Ref #(s) column displays any manufacturer lot numbers or serial numbers associated with a given line item code (LIC) in a transaction. 

When you need to research an item's history, navigate to Menu > Inventory > Inventory Transactions. Then use the Quick Search bar to locate the relevant lot or serial number(s). 

The Order column identifies outgoing shipments. On these transactions, click the Transaction ID goto arrow (>) to display the Shipping Log details about each customer and delivery date.

Additional features you can use include:

  • Actions > Send Notice Re: List — Notify your team members about the items your researching. In your notice, the Link To field will allow team members to jump directly to the view of transactions that you send the notice from.
  • Footer > Related Records — Jump to a list of line item codes, orders, purchase orders, or other data relevant to the current list.