Accessing aACE from Your Computer

Welcome to aACE!

Start using aACE with these three simple steps:

Coordinate with Your System Administrator

You need to have several details prepared in order to access aACE. 

Work with your system administrator to make sure everything is ready.

Install FileMaker

If you already have FileMaker on your computer, skip to the Step 3.

If you don't have FileMaker installed yet, complete the FileMaker installation process.

Obtain an aACE Launcher

Use an aACE launcher to directly open aACE, bypassing the standard FileMaker dialogs and saving time. 

You can get a launcher in two ways:

  • Sent from your system administrator — Save the launch file to your desktop, unzip it, then use it to access aACE.
  • Download from aACE — Download the launch file, unzip it, then use it to access aACE.