Preparing & Configuring an aACE Launcher (FMS 17)

Confirming Network Configuration

The aACE launcher file is the file your users will click to access your hosted aACE system. Before configuring your aACE launcher file, please take a moment to confirm that your server's network configuration includes:

  • A static external IP address
  • A fully-qualified domain name directed at your server's IP address
  • A valid SSL certificate installed onto your server and associated with your fully-qualified domain name

Also confirm that your server’s network / firewall has the following ports open to / forwarded from all incoming traffic:

  • TCP 80
  • TCP 443
  • TCP 5003

Configuring an aACE Launcher

Once you have confirmed the details above, you can download and configure a launcher to point to the aACE system hosted on your server.

Note: A valid SSL certificate is required for the aACE launcher to function correctly. In the event that you must access your hosted aACE system before you have installed a SSL certificate, please see our help guide on accessing aACE without a launcher.