FileMaker 17


Overview of Configuring Your aACE Server (FMS 17)
Index of steps needed to set up a new FileMaker server, with links to detailed guides on each step.
Preparing the Server (FMS 17)
Lists prerequisites for setting up your FileMaker server (e.g. server specifications, server settings, network configurations, and required credentials/files).
Installing & Configuring FileMaker Server (FMS 17)
Steps for installing FMS 17 and completing the basic configuration tasks.
Installing FileMaker Pro Advanced on Your aACE Server (FMS 17)
Steps for installing FMPA on your server and for completing the basic configuration.
Installing & Configuring aACE (FMS 17)
Steps for installing aACE on the server and configuring the initial script schedules for automation.
Configuring Backups & Anti-Virus Software (FMS 17)
Steps for setting the backup schedule for your aACE files, plus critical warnings about offsite backups and anti-virus software.
Configuring an SSL Certificate (FMS 17)
Steps for preparing and importing your SSL certificate files.
Configuring the Server's Desktop (FMS 17)
Information about how to customize your server desktop so that support personnel will be able to work efficiently on your system.
Preparing & Configuring an aACE Launcher (FMS 17)
Information for ensuring your network is prepared correctly for creating an aACE launcher file for your users.
Restarting the aACE Server (FMS 17)
Steps to safely restart your FMS17 server.