Configuring the Server's Desktop (FMS 17)

To facilitate support, please arrange the server desktop with these details:


Download and install Keka or 7zip to facilitate the extracting of particularly large .zip files.

  • Mac — Download and install Keka
  • PC — Download and install 7zip.


  1. Create a folder titled “aACE Maintenance” directly on the desktop. 
  2. Inside this folder, create a sub-folder titled “Installers”. 
  3. Move any installers and installer folders from the default Downloads folder to this new sub-folder.
  4. Navigate to the FileMaker Server folder. 
  5. Create aliases / shortcuts on the desktop for these files and folders:
    • FileMaker Server
    • FileMaker Server > Data > Backups
    • FileMaker Server > Logs > Event
  6. Rename the aliases / shortcuts to remove the default label of “alias” or “shortcut”.

Dock / Task Bar

  • Add FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced to the dock / task bar.
  • Mac only: Add both Activity Monitor and Terminal to the dock (found inside …/Applications/Utilities/).
  • PC only:
    • Un-pin Internet Explorer from the task bar and replace it with Firefox.
    • Pin Command Prompt to the task bar.

Browser Bookmark Bar

Open up the server’s default browser and add the following links to the Bookmark bar:

  • FMS Admin Console
    Note: This bookmark will be here already if you followed the instructions in Step 2. If it is not, launch the FileMaker Server Admin Console manually by navigating to: http://localhost:16001/ and add the bookmark.
  • From aACEsoft — This link will be provided by aACE Software to allow you to download files from aACE.
  • To aACEsoft — This link will be provided by aACE Software to allow you to upload files to aACE.

Screen Resolution

To ensure that your server displays information clearly when accessed remotely, set the display resolution to the highest option available:

  • Mac — Navigate to System Preferences > Displays > Display, then click the “Scaled” radio button and select the resolution option at the top of the list.
  • PC — Navigate to Start > Settings > System > Display, then select the highest option available from the “Resolution” drop-down.

Miscellaneous Settings for Mac

  • Navigate to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Full Keyboard Access, then mark the radio button for All controls.
  • Open a new Finder window to ensure the proper context, then navigate to Finder > View, click Show Path Bar. Display the View menu again and click Show Status Bar.
  • Click on the desktop to ensure the proper context, then navigate to Finder > View > Show View Options, then select Sort By: Snap to Grid.
  • Navigate to Finder > Preferences > General, then mark the flag for Hard disks, and select New Finder windows show: Downloads.
  • Navigate to Finder > Preferences > Advanced, then mark the flag to Show all filename extensions.
  • Open Safari and navigate to Safari > Preferences > General, then unmark the flag for Open "safe" files after downloading.