Sending Emails Produces a "Server Busy" Error Message

Some Microsoft Outlook users encounter an error message when sending emails from aACE:

Clicking Switch To... or Retry may cause FileMaker to crash. This is a known issue in FileMaker. The problem typically arises from a bit mis-match between FileMaker and Outlook.

Resolving the Issue

To avoid this error, ensure that your Outlook bit-version matches the version of FileMaker you use for aACE.

  • The 64-bit version of FileMaker works with the 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office (e.g. Outlook).
    Note: FileMaker Pro 19 only comes in the 64-bit version. If you have been using the 32-bit version of MS Office, you must uninstall that version, then install the 64-bit version to sync up both applications.
  • The 32-bit versions of FileMaker and Microsoft Office/Outlook also appear to work, but are not guaranteed.
    Note: If you are currently running 32-bit versions of FileMaker and Microsoft Office applications, and the error persists, your installation of FileMaker may have been corrupted and need to be re-installed.
  • If you are running the "New Outlook" 16 for Mac and aACE will not open draft emails, try downgrading your version of Outlook to the previous version.