Closing Leads

When closing a lead, aACE helps you track wins and losses.

  1. Navigate to Menu > CRM & Sales > Leads.
  2. Use the Quick Search bar to locate the desired lead.
  3. In the detail view menu bar, click Actions > Close Lead.
  4. Specify whether the lead was Won or Lost.
    • For leads that you won:
      • Notes — Record any final details about this business opportunity.
      • Orders & Quotes — If there were multiple quotes, select those that the customer chose. aACE will automatically open that order and void the others.
    • For leads that were lost, 
      • Reason for Loss — Select from the dropdown list.
        Note: If a new reason may be relevant to multiple leads, you can ask your system administrator to update the system preferences, editing the value lists that are available via Database Management.
      • Reason for Loss Notes — Add details to help clarify the situation or improve future efforts.
  5. Click Close Lead.


Required Fields — Your system administrator can set flags to make the Campaign, Type, Route, or Source fields required (Menu > System Admin > Preferences > Order Entry). aACE validates these fields when you close the lead, requiring you to enter data before allowing the lead to be saved as Won or Lost.