Understanding Pick-Up Orders

Orders with the Delivery Type set to Pick Up typically do not generate a shipment record automatically. This is because the product is not shipped; the customer goes to your location and gets the product. This means that pick-up orders typically do not use shipment records to update inventory levels. Instead, aACE depletes inventory for pick-up orders when the related invoice is opened.

Note: Your system administrator can customize aACE preferences so that pick-up orders do generate outgoing shipment records (Menu > System Admin > Preferences > Shipping > Generate shipments for pick up orders). This preference allows your warehouse to use shipments in aACE to manage the pick and pack process for pick-up orders. For example, a customer may come to your warehouse, but if the ordered items are located in the back, they must be picked, packed, and brought to the customer.

Troubleshooting Pick-Up Orders

If a team member manually creates a shipment of inventoried items for an open pick-up order, and if your system preferences are not set to allow pick-up orders to generate outgoing shipments, aACE may return an error message: 

This error arises because manually generated shipments do not link the shipment's Packing List line items to the related Order Items. 

Use the Order module's Management tab to check whether the order has been invoiced. Process the invoice as normal to close the order. We also recommend that you delete the manually created shipment.