Handling Corrupt Fonts

This guide explains how to troubleshoot issues when your workstation shows an incorrect font (e.g. Wingdings) on-screen or on printouts. It is intended for all users.

Occasionally certain fonts in your computer's font library will go corrupt. This can cause various system screens or printouts to display incorrectly. 

Restarting Your Applications

Sometimes resolving the font trouble is as simple as completely closing FileMaker. Also close out any Adobe applications. Re-open FileMaker before other applications and check whether the font has returned to normal.

Updating FileMaker

With the release of FileMaker 19.1.2, Claris implemented fixes for two specific issues that could result in FileMaker displaying corrupt fonts. If your aACE system is running an earlier version of FileMaker, have your IT team update to FileMaker 19.1.2 or later.

Reinstalling a Font

If the previous methods do not help or are not feasible, you will need to reinstall the corrupt font.

To determine which font has been corrupted or is missing, print out an invoice and compare it to this map of Printout Fonts.pdf.

This map shows a typical printout with sections of text identified according to the default font used. Once you've determined which font is corrupt, remove it and re-install it using instructions from these OS support websites:

Note: You might also be able to use a third-party font utility to validate all fonts and check for duplicates.