Working with Volume Discount Pricing

Volume discounts give you the ability to structure pricing tiers for individual line item codes (LICs). 

The Volume Discount Setup (VDS) screen shows sample formats and provides a Tester for double-checking your pricing scheme while you build it.  In the screenshot below, there are discount tiers based on the number of items purchased at one time: buy 1-5 items to get a 4% discount, 6-10 items to get a 5% discount, and so on.

Setting up Volume Discounts

  1. Navigate form Main Menu > Order Setup > Line Item Codes.
  2. Locate the desired LIC.
  3. At the detail view, click Edit
  4. Click the V button next to the Rate Value field.
  5. Mark the Apply Volume Discount flag.
  6. Enter the discount ranges.
  7. Click Save.

After you apply the VDS settings, the V button is highlighted to indicate the discount scheme is active.

Removing a Volume Discount

  1. Use steps 1-4 above to open the Volume Discounts dialog.
  2. Clear the Apply Volume Discount flag.
  3. Click Save

After you remove the VDS settings, the V button is colored white to indicate there is no active discount scheme.