Troubleshooting AvaTax Errors

Third-Party Software

AvaTax is software developed and distributed by another company. Specific questions about configuring the product or troubleshooting should be addressed to that company's customer support services.

AvaTax Values Different Between Order and Invoice

Occasionally orders may take a long time to complete, starting in one year, but finally being invoiced in another year. You may find an imbalance in the tax values on such orders. This is usually because tax jurisdictions have changed their rates during this timeframe and AvaTax keeps up-to-date with the most recent tax rates. So in this scenario, a tax imbalance between order and invoice is to be expected.

Consult with your tax accountant. If needed, you can force the order and invoice tax values to line up by creating an AvaTax custom tax code. Learn more about custom tax codes at the Avalara Help Center.