The fastest way to learn aACE is by working in the system. As you progress through the discovery process, you will work in a live, web-based version of aACE. For an example of how the basic features of aACE help your team learn, read our feature highlight.

Testing Your Understanding

As you begin to learn how to work with aACE, you can test your mastery and learn additional time-saving features by taking the aACE Basics Discovery Course.

This learning module links to a webinar that reviews the basic system functionality, then provides four sections of questions to help you consolidate your understanding. These questions are designed as prompts for you to work in your Discovery system and identify answers that are the results of various activities. In other words, it is an open-book quiz and your aACE system holds the answers.

Additional Resources

Review the aACE_5_System_Directory_Modules_Terminology.pdf which includes:

  • aACE System Directory — A navigation map of aACE as it exists out of the box
  • aACE Modules — Definitions of all aACE modules
  • aACE Terminology — Other keywords and definitions to help you learn the system quickly

Priority Support Articles

Please also review the following two guides: